Singapore has a visible ladyboy community. It’s not hard to meet a trans woman in this Asian country, which is progressive-minded compared to some of its neighbors. Many platforms give useful tips for transgender dating in the country, both to trans people themselves and to those interested in meeting and dating them.

Many expats and foreigners find ladyboys in Singapore to be very good, pleasant companions. You will meet many of them at a local cabaret or dance shows, both on stage and in the audience, or in one of the many bars, clubs, or theaters around. Of course, you can meet ladyboys on online dating sites too. It’s important to be careful and respectful as some of these sites can have problematic users. Be nice to everyone you talk to because it’s easy for a trans person to feel hurt when they encounter bias. Having joined a general dating site with the hope of meeting someone, they will end up feeling lonelier than ever before.

The Best Sites

The above scenario isn’t likely to play out on legitimate sites like My Transsexual Date or Singapore Love Links. Both of these have lots of Singapore ladyboy profiles. Some of these people are looking for commitment; others – for a fling. At any rate, you shouldn’t spend too much time chatting. While it’s great that most people in Singapore are fluent in English and you do want to get to know the person you’re going to meet, online communication shouldn’t go on forever.

The most popular local dating site is Singapore Love Links. There are thousands of profiles of single Singapore ladyboys here, so spend as much time on the site as you can to find the right person.

Be Safe

For the first date, go to a café, diner, or another public place, preferably during the day. Protect your online identity by filtering your pictures. Avoid posting photos that will give unnecessary exposure, such as pictures of you wearing your company ID or a company uniform. Also, don’t post pictures with visible street signs in the background or pictures showing your tattoos. It’s best not to make your photos public.