The internet is renowned and widely used for finding nudity and porn. This includes endless images, GIFS and videos of sexy, hot and beautiful women. But no matter how much free smut there is available, some thirst for more. There are those who are not content with seeing models, pornstars or regular girls naked. For them, only famous celebrities will do. Especially those who have amazing bodies and are super hot. Still, there are some actresses many would never expect to do nudity. Perhaps that’s what may be most surprising about these actresses who decided to do nude scenes.

Margot Robbie

The moment this Australian beauty opted to do a nude scene, millions went crazy. In the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” Margot showed us her amazing and luscious body.

Halle Berry

No one who likes Halle Berry will ever forget her sexual scenes in the movie “Monster’s Ball.” People got a chance to see parts of her that left them all drooling and wanting more.

Alexandra Daddario

Fans of this actress have long dreamed of seeing her nude. If not, at least to get a glimpse of her amazing breasts. They got their wish when Alexandra showed it all in the HBO TV series “True Detective.”

Heather Graham

When it comes to beautiful breasts, Heather Graham has two of the best in the world. Millions were elated when she decided to show them off. In fact, she went further and put on her entire body on display. Movies such as “Boogie Nights” and “Killing Me Softly” come to mind. Both are great films to see her completely naked.

Denise Richards

At age 43, Denise may be a MILF now. But when she was younger, she gave the public a sexual scene that most will never forget. Both her and Neve Campbell heated up the camera in the movie “Wild Things.” Till this day, that movie is ranked as having one of the best lesbian and sexual scenes for a mainstream movie ever.