Where to watch celebrity sex videos?


Pornstars are all fine and good, they look great, they fuck great, but sometimes we just want something a little bit…different. We see celebrities all the time, we look at them, admire them, and know their personalities. This makes them much more attractive to us, as we can see them beyond simply pieces of meat. This is why watching Celebrity sex is so popular. Despite this, due to the highly respected nature of celebrities, it can be hard to find sites hosting their sex videos and nudes. That’s where we come in to find these.


Due to its low standards of moderation XHamster is a goldmine of celeb sex videos and all things taboo. While many porn sites will agree to retract sex videos of a certain celebrity upon their protest, this site generally turns a deaf ear to such complaints. The site also has an excellent assortment of regular porn, in addition to what is one of the biggest celeb sex videos platforms on the internet. While they do have some pictures, it is not the main point of this site, so you’ll be hard pressed to find some of the more underground ones.

The design of the site is traditional, Pornhub-esque except with a white background. While this isn’t the most pleasant on the eyes, it gets the job done. The thumbnails will preview videos for you and the categories are well sorted and useful.


It doesn’t take a long time after visiting this website for the first time to realize exactly what it’s for. CelebJihad hosts only the hottest, raunchiest celebrity nudes in today’s porn industry. It is a dedicated site that has managed to survive through the onslaught of generalist porn sites like Pornhub and Youporn. It does this through both quality and quantity. If there’s a new celeb nude out there, CelebJihad will be the first site to have it.

They host both videos and images and have plenty of both. However, this isn’t to say the site isn’t without its flaws. The main issue with CelebJihad is that it’s plagued by fakes, these fakes are porn shorts or pictures of women that LOOk like a celebrity, but aren’t one in reality. This issue has lead to the site’s loss of credibility. If you really need to be sure the celebrity you’re masturbating to is verified, you may be best off avoiding this site.